Rishav Phukan


Rishav Phukan

Rishav joined PaInT as a scientific researcher in April 2019, after completing a master´s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Hamburg, Germany. He worked on a VLAIO desalination project, which focussed on the selection of different pre-treatment, as well as, reverse osmosis technologies to form a desalination train to produce drinking water from sea water. 


He started working as a PhD student from November 2019, after receiving an FWO-SB grant. His work focusses on the development of novel fouling resistant ion exchange membranes for electrodialysis in bio-based applications. For his research, he will be identifying different fouling conditions, as well as, foulants that occur on commercially available IEX membranes. Further, he will be working on the production of robust IEX membranes by coating them with different polyelectrolytes and understand the trade off between membrane permeability and electrical resistance