The denizen rebel. Pathways of hidden homelessness in the shadow of the welfare state.

Description: The research wants to capture trajectories of homelessness among migrants in Ghent through ethnographic methods, i.e. observations and informal interviews. We will look for how they experience their homelessness and how they relate to different services and voluntary work in the city. Some of these homeless people have a particularly difficult time because access to basic social rights is dependent on their residency status. However, the right to housing is a human right that should be realized for all people. The goal of the doctoral project is: - To document trajectories of homelessness migrants with precarious residency status in Ghent - Gain insight into the efforts and responses of (local) social policy and social work in dealing with homelessness in people's lives - Co-creating knowledge with the homeless as allies in social work's pursuit of social justice. Translated with (free version)
Promoter(s): Griet Roets , Koen Hermans
Researcher(s): Sophie Samyn
Faculty / Faculties: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
Period of time: 2020 - 2024