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Prof. dr. Dominiek Maes is head of the team of porcine health at the faculty of veterinary medicine (Ghent University). There are various employees such as doctoral students (PhD), practical assistants (veterinarians in the field) and residents of the European College of Porcine Health Management.


Prof. dr. Dominiek Maes

Head of unit of porcine health

Prof. dr. Frédéric Vangroenweghe

Visiting professor

drs. Elise Bernaerdt


drs. Karina Sonalio

Doctoral student

drs. Lisa Beuckelaere

Doctoral student

drs. Jorian Fiers

Doctoral student

drs. Lotte De Prekel

Doctoral student

drs. Evelien Biebaut

Doctoral student

drs. Joris Vrielinck


drs. Paul De Letter


Mateusz Malik


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