Interreg IVb North Sea Region: Frames

The NSR is characterised by having many vulnerable flood prone areas. FRAMES (Flood Resilient Areas by Multi-layEred Safety) uses the Multi-Layer Safety (MLS) concept as a starting point for dealing with floods and climate change.

The MLS concept is a policy strategy that integrates measures for: prevention, mitigation via spatial planning and emergency response. These different layers are traditionally managed by different authorities and sectors. With MLS the barriers between the layers, sectors and authorities are lifted and the stakeholders jointly find the most effective combination of solutions. The MLS concept is being acknowledged by more and more authorities, but is hardly applied in practice. Through FRAMES, partners with differing flood management mechanisms will build on their knowledge and experiences to jointly develop and apply the MLS concept to realise resilient NSR areas and communities.

Partners will focus on the integration of spatial measures and emergency response tools while also proposing and implementing a new layer - of recovery to MLS. There will never be enough resources to protect every single citizen from flooding, but if we smartly combine resilience and recovery we can reduce the impact of flooding for citizens. FRAMES will demonstrate this by implementing MLS in pilot areas and by developing innovative tools for realising opportunities for multi layered safety and cross sector benefits such as 3D maps, mobile apps, community involvement techniques and recovery simulations.

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AMRP contact persons are Luuk Boelens and Barbara Tempels.

Period: 3 years