Modeling and systems design

Design of optimal logistic systems and supply chains

Control of complex dynamical systems

  • Stability and stabilisation, optimization of dynamical systems, modeling and regulation of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian systems, machine learning, data mining, evolutionary optimization, synchronisation of oscillators, control of discrete event systems, feedback control for on-line management of networks and Imprecise probabilities as knowledge representations
  • Electrical machines and drives
  • Power systems
  • Metamodelling of complex systems

Stochastic modeling of systems

Signal processing

Neural networks and Reservoir computing

  • Reservoir lab

Computer architecture: modelling and optimization

  • Computer systems lab

Multiphysics modeling and numerical simulations

  • Electromagnetic simulation techniques and theory
  • Modeling of large electromagnetics problems
  • Design and Modeling of antennas and propagation
  • Low frequency electromagnetic fields and magnetic materials
  • Numerical (low frequency) magnetism and micromagnetism
  • Modeling Radiofrequency heating of fusion plasmas
  • Mathematical aspects of general relativity
  • Development of Clifford analysis and its applications to functional analysis, harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, integral geometry, spin geometry, wavelet analysis and image processing, distributions
  • Numerical simulation of steel bridge structures
  • Simulation tools for liquid crystals and organic light emitting diodes
  • Numerical simulations of turbulent combustion
  • Numerical simulations in fire research
  • Numerical simulations on Alternative fuels for spark ignition engines
  • Convection-diffusion-reaction problems
  • Simulation of fluid-structure interaction
  • (Fluid) mechanical aspects of and transport processes in a native organ or system, in artificial organs and prosthetic devices
  • Numerical and physical modelling of flow in rivers and canals

Multiscale modeling of chemical production processes

Atomic-level tailoring of nanomaterials