Karel and Stef are welcomed


Karel Van Den Hende and Stef Helderweirt have started their PhD in the Structural Reliability research group of Prof. Robby Caspeele since end of September. Both are working on the lifeMACS project: an FWO funded SBO project together with researchers from KUL and WTCB in order to develop a Bayesian life-cycle methodology for existing concrete structures. Stef is focusing on the prediction of the structural performance prediction of reinforced concrete under corrosion (supervisors: Prof. Robby Caspeele, Dr. Wouter Botte and Prof. Els Verstrynge (KULeuven)). Karel is looking into the optimization of maintenance and structural interventions of infrastructure works (supervisors: Prof. Robby Caspeele, Prof. Stijn Matthys and Prof. Geert Lombaert (KULeuven))