Vanessa Cappellesso participated in the European Researchers Night (Brussels)


The European Researcher Night took place all over Europe. In Belgium, BeWise organized WiseNight. A 2-day event to disseminate science and knowledge to a broad audience from kids to experts. All researchers who participated in the event were Marie-Curie fellows, and the females were encouraged to disseminate their experiences and values to the public. 

Vanessa 1         

Vanessa Cappellesso is a PhD researcher of UGent and also an Early Stage Research into the SMARTINCS project. Vanessa showed the relevance of women in science by a portrait exhibition, with her self-healed concrete sample and an exciting panel discussion with other Marie-Curie fellows from other projects. During the panel discussion, Vanessa discussed her experience as a Marie-Curie fellow and her experience as a woman in civil engineering. She also gave advice to teenagers who want to do research; in her words: “Anyone can do research and discover new possibilities of the world around us. I enjoy healing its cracks."

 Vanessa 2