Maya Kherbeck

Aren’t we all just looking for coffee machines on campus?

With grades having just come out for the first module and exam period dawning ahead for the second one, I’m sure we’re all trying to find the motivation to pull through those 4-hour classes while quickly marking down Christmas gift ideas this December. If inspiration is what you’re after though, sneak on over to SMAK right after your Ledeganck classes, where creativity definitely won’t be scarce.

Three months into the programme, I’ve already chopped my hair and invested a little too much of my budget on plants (and COS scarves). One of them is a Monstera, his name is D’Artagnan (for anyone not getting this reference, Christmas time is meant for Egg Nogg and Stranger Things). He will soon need to make room for a Red Poinsettia, not to mention, that gorgeous lit up tree. During your Gent December please bundle up (there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing). Head over to the Christmas market in the Old City Center for a Glühwein and get yourself a commemorative ornament for your year’s adventure. Afterwards when all you need to do is cozy up and listen to “Driving home for Christmas”, don’t forget to type up that thesis.

In a city run by youth, a 28-year-old student in town getting her Marketing Master is still trying to navigate whether 5am Charlatan mornings are behind her and beer tasting sessions are ahead (did everyone already know we’re supposed to only take sips of the beer?). For the most part, Gentse students have one thing in common - contemplating Sunday night plans. So, grab your umbrella and head down the alley of Hot Club De Gand. Once you’re there, start up a conversation with the first person you see drinking an IPA (they’re the interesting ones).

Then for those early Monday mornings at Campus Sterre, while you’re considering whether the 15-minute break between classes should be dedicated to a breezy stroll around the orange trees or a quick broodje, remember to call home and send your love.

Lost in Gent,

Maya Kherbeck