My address

My room number

Example (as mentioned on your rental agreement): 'The landlord lets a living unit in Hall of Residence home Groningen, Stalhof 43, 9000 Gent with number'

56 = site

01 = building

130 = '3' refers to the floor on which the room is

075 = '75' refers to the room number on the floor


Addresses of the University Halls of Residence

31.02 Home Fabiola - Stalhof 4 - B-9000 Ghent

40.13 Home Bertha De Vriese - De Pintelaan 260B - B-9000 Ghent

53.01 Home Astrid - Krijgslaan 250 - B-9000 Ghent

55.01 Home Vermeylen - Stalhof 6 - B-9000 Ghent

91.01 Home Boudewijn - Harelbekestraat 70 - B-9000 Ghent

The addresses of the following Halls of Residence depend on which unit you have within the building
The correct address is mentioned on your rental agreement, signed upon check-in.

Please note that all of the following buildings are located around our offices in Home Vermeylen.
For all purposes (before check-in): please use the general address of the Housing Office: Stalhof 6 - B-9000 Ghent

55.02 Home Heymans 

56.01 Home Groningen 

56.02 Home Uppsala

56.03 Home Göttingen

56.04 Home Canterbury

All of our University Halls of Residence can be found on this general map of Ghent.