Sustainability in research: follow-up report

In the coming years, Ghent university wants to continue investing in stimulating and supporting inter- and transdisciplinary research collaboration and societal valorisation. After all, a good basis is necessary for bottom-up research initiatives to grow. Read the follow-up report for Sustainability in Research 2022.


Ghent University wants to further stimulate the possibilities for research into a more socially just and ecologically sustainable future without losing sight of the efficient economic system that is compatible with it. Such research applies a wide variety of scientific approaches, often through a multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary approach, and starts from a high societal impact. In addition, Ghent University offers the wider community, locally and globally, scientifically based services in the field of sustainability.

Strategic framework

To achieve the above objectives, an ambitious action plan is needed. We work around 3 pillars:

  • A research policy within which sustainability research can thrive
  • Sustainability research facilitation through specific initiatives
  • Advice and training for researchers and communication aimed at the general public


Here is a list of some measures to encourage research that contributes to a social-ecological future:

  • Stimulate inter- and transdisciplinary research and collaboration.
  • Commit to 'living labs' around e.g. circular building, energy transition, water resilience, sustainable mobility, green and biodiverse campuses, etc.
  • Stimulate researchers to socially valorise their research activities with a social valorisation fund.
  • Using core facilities to make state-of-the-art equipment/infrastructure and services available to researchers inside and outside the institution.
  • Developing a teaching module on (social) impact.

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