European Partnerships in Horizon Europe

European R&I Partnerships

This page gives you an overview of the partnerships that are formalised by the European Commission as ‘European Partnerships for R&I’ and that are part of the European Research Area (ERA)

European Partnerships for R&I combine funding from the European Commission and private and/or public partners to fund R&I projects and complement the Horizon Europe framework programme.

The calls from these partnerships are therefore also found in the work programmes of Horizon Europe. More information on the background of these partnerships and on their activities can be found on the webpage ‘Research Agendas of the European Partnerships’.

Can I participate to calls from these Partnerships?

Partnership calls follow the rules of participation of Horizon Europe by default. Ghent University researchers can participate by default. There is one exemption: The Co-fund partnerships. In these, the eligibility of a UGent researcher to receive funding, depends on the participation of our national R&I funding organisations.

Rule of thumb: when FWO is the organisation that is participating, a researcher can apply for funding directly. If VLAIO is the organisation participating, a researcher will need to apply for funding in cooperation with a private company.

Partnerships indicated with an Asterix * will start in 2023 and are still under construction.

European partnership linked to the clusters in Horizon Europe






Other networks

The European landscape of R&I has numerous organisations and associations who advocate for research interests. They provide input on EU R&I policy, collaborate with the European Commission, unite various research institutions, etc.
A non-exhaustive overview can be found here

More information

Please contact Policy Officer Hannes Brouckaert if you want more information on these networks.