AAP-vacancies statutory

You can apply for statutory academic assistant staff (AAP) positions through our online e-recruitment system. Vacancies for temporary AAP positions you can find elsewhere.

E-recruitment enables you to:

  • manage your applicant profile
  • follow up your applications
  • receive notifications when new vacancies appear
  • submit your application


I am already a UGent staff member

  1. Registration is not necessary. Your applicant profile will be automatically completed (with information from the personnel database) and you can immediately start to apply online.
  2. Search for jobs via a convenient search engine.
  3. Upload the documents requested in the vacancy and apply online.

I am not a staff member

  1. Register (once). If you do not have a username and password, you must register first. Afterwards you can sign in with your profile.
  2. Search for jobs via a convenient search engine. You can also view all our vacancies without registering first.
  3. Load the documents, requested in the vacancy, and apply online.

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