Eureast Platform Summer School on Ukraine in a glance


Summerschool 2022 From 12th till 16th of September 2022 the Eureast Platform organized an international summer school ‘Ukraine and the challenges of nationhood, individuality and survival’. During the whole week summer school participants from all over the world deepened their knowledge about Ukraine’s society and societal dynamics through four topics: identity, culture and ‘culture wars’; economic-ecological dynamics; the ‘humanitarian frontline’; formal and informal governance.

The public key note lecture on the first day ‘Dictatorship, Revolution, War: The End of the Post-Soviet Vicious Circle?’ by dr. Volodymyr Ishchenko (Osteuropa-Institut, Freie Universität Berlin) was an insightful start of the programme. The following sessions were dedicated to such key topics as Ukrainian historical and nation-building narratives, humanitarian aid relief in Ukraine, agency of Ukrainian citizens, nexus between oligarchs and politics in Ukraine and many more. Different experts on - and many also from - Ukraine together with engaged students got involved in many interesting discussions and debates that enhanced the participants’ understanding of modern Ukrainian society, culture and politics.

This summer school edition was initiated and compiled by the Department of Conflict and Development Studies and the Department of East European Languages and Cultures of Ghent University.

Read more about this summer school edition though this link.