Investigating the Human Mycobolome through Uniting Large-scale Epidemiological and Mechanistic Poly-omic Designs

Mycotoxins, toxic fungal secondary metabolites, are hazardous food contaminants, contributing to a variety of adverse health effects in humans. Chronic low-dose intake of mycotoxins could be linked to an increased risk of developing renal, colorectal and hepatocellular carcinomas. The EU-funded HUMYCO project will conduct a comprehensive study of the human mycobolome using a large-scale poly-omics approach with a focus on the role of multiple mycotoxin exposure in the aetiology of human carcinomas in the context of both Europe and Africa. Genome-wide mutation spectra associated with exposure to carcinogenic mycotoxins will be experimentally determined, as well as extensive biomonitoring. The project will contribute to the identification of cancer risks related to mycotoxin exposure, leading to food-based prevention initiatives.

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