Quality Control Unit on Education


  • Quality control on education
  • Organisation and discussion of the evaluation of the teaching staff (students questionnaire)
  • Support and follow-up of the education audit
  • 50% of the tasks of the permanent staff member consists of the follow-up of the training (guidance of and contacts with the trainers of the students of the last year)


Educational director: prof. Dr. H. Nelis

Permanent staff member: Ir. Els Vansteenkiste and dr. Caroline Van Den Heede

Members for the academic year 2008-2009:

  • Professors: Prof. H. Nelis, Prof. Jo Demeester and Prof. T. Coenye
  • Representative of the assistant staff: dr. Katrien Remaut
  • Representatives of the students: Mr T. De Mil and Ms L. Parmentier

The students' representative is elected yearly, the other member every second year.


Els Vansteenkiste
Harelbekestraat 72
9000 Gent
Phone: +32 9 2648030
Fax: +32 9 2648187