Clinical Pharmacology


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  • Prof. T. Christiaens, MD, PhD,  general practitioner-clinical pharmacologist
  • Prof. P. De Paepe, MD, PhD, emergency doctor-clinical pharmacologist
  • Prof. S. Rottey, MD, PhD, medical oncologist-clinical pharmacologist
  • Prof. R. Vander Stichele, MD, PhD, general practitioner-clinical pharmacologist
  • Prof. H. Pieterse, Visiting Professor, PhD
  • Prof. M. Twagiramukiza, Visiting Professor, PhD
  • Prof. em. M. Elseviers, PhD (voluntarily)
  • B. Delafontaine, MD, teaching assistant, trainee in clinical pharmacology
  • C. Duràn, MD, PhD student
  • I. Ivanova, MD, PhD student
  • M. Lobeau, Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences, PhD, teaching assistant
  • K. Paque, Msc Nursing Science and midwifery, PhD student
  • L. Rogghe, MD, teaching assistant
  • G. Van Lancker, MD, teaching assistant, trainee in clinical pharmacology
  • E. Van Leeuwen, MD, teaching assistant, trainee in clinical pharmacology
  • M. Wauters, Msc Nursing Science and midwifery, PhD student

Projects (current and recently finalized)

Good drug utilization.

A major topic of this research domain is medication use in older adults. Attention is paid to the quality of prescribing in the primary care setting (home and nursing home). In cooperation with several European countries, tools are constructed for electronical pharmacotherapeutic decision support.

Within the research on polypharmacy, the study of psychotropic drug use (antidepressants, antipsychotics, hypnosedatives) and anticholinergic drugs among (demented) older adults is an important domain. To tackle the injudicious use of psychotropics in Belgium, the research unit collaborates with the Flemish and Federal government in improvement projects (e.g. the Leiehome project), and the construction of quality indicators for nursing homes in Flanders. The unit maintains collaborations with the Belgian Psychotropics Expert Platform (BelPep) and the Belgian Center of Pharmacotherapeutical Information (BCFI/CBIP ).

The research unit participates in studies aiming to improve correct drug utilization via other caregivers like pharmacists and nurses. In this field close collaboration exists with the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ghent University and with Antwerp University.

The research unit has several national and international collaborations in the field of independent drug information, cross-national (European) comparison of drug use, and access to medicine

Cardiovascular risk management.

The unit also studies cardiovascular risk management in low and middle income countries. The research group plays in particular a leading role in the population study of South-Kivu (Democratic Republic of Congo) which is conducted together with the Catholic University of Bukavu (UCB).

Applied pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic research.

The unit performs applied pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic research (PK-PD modeling) of drugs and toxic agents in vulnerable patient populations (e.g. children, critically-ill patients in the intensive care unit and the emergency department), in close collaboration with the hospital pharmacy and clinical departments of the Ghent University Hospital. For its pediatric drug research, the unit is a research partner of the national IWT-SBO research consortium SAFEPEDRUG (

Infrastructure and techniques





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