Active Projects

Cagnie Barbara, prof. dr.

  • De Pauw Robby - Reduction of brain connectivity and change in gray matter density in patients with whiplash associated disorders: a possible correlation with structural and functional changes in the neck muscles? - Cagnie Barbara, Caeyenberghs Karen - 2013-2019 - Junior assistent UGent
  • De Witte Vincent - Effectiveness of musculoskeletal therapy for patients with neck pain: an individualized approach using a clinical decision-making algorithm. - Cagnie Barbara, Danneels Lieven - 2013-2018 -  Junior assistent UGent

Danneels Lieven, prof. dr.

  • Rahmat Adnan, Evy Dhondt - Specific versus general exercises for low back pain: unravelling the puzzle of peripheral muscle and central brain changes. Danneels Lieven, Jessica van Oosterwijck, Paul Hodges, Karen Caeyenbergs - 2014-2020

  • Dolphens Mieke, Kregel Jeroen,  Malfliet Anneleen - A modern neuroscience approach to chronic spinal pain: pain neuroscience education combined with cognition-targeted motor control training UGent & VUB - Danneels Lieven, Nijs Jo, Cagnie Barbara, Vanderstraeten Guy, Roussel Nathalie, Meeus Mira - 2013-2017 - TBM-project funded by IWT, Belgium
  • Goubert Dorien - Peripheral back muscle dysfunctions and central pain mechanisms: An innovative perspective on differences between recurrent and chronic pain. - Danneels Lieven, Cagnie Barbara, Meeus Mira - 2012-2016 - UGent Research Project funded by the Special Research Fund (Ghent University Association)
  • Van Oosterwijck Jessica. - The chronic pain brain: structural white and gray matter correlates of impaired muscle control and deficient pain processing. - 2015-2018 - Postdoctoral Fellowship funded by the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
  • Stijn Schouppe, Amanda Clauwaert - Unraveling the puzzle of back pain chronicity: An integrative perspective on disturbed sensorimotor control and maladaptive cognitive processes. Lieven Danneels, Stefaan Van Damme, Jessica Van Oosterwijck, - 2015-2019 – Interdisciplinary research project funded by the Special research fund from Ghent University

Meeus Mira, prof. dr.

  • Coppieters Iris - Potential interactions between peripheral and central mechanisms in patients with chronic whiplash: does reduction in white matter integrity play a role in this traumatic event? - Meeus Mira, Cagnie Barbara, Danneels Lieven - 2013-2017 - PhD Fellowship funded by Special research fund
  • Hermans Linda - Modulation of exercise on endogenous pain inhibition in patient with central sensitivity syndromes. - Meeus Mira, Calders Patrick -  2012-2018 - Junior assistent UGent