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This list contains light microscopes which do not belong in one of the other categories

Nanoparticle characterisation (NanoSight LM10)

Instrument specificationsnanosight.png

Platform for nanoparticle characterization (size distribution and concentration). Nanoparticles are traced based on scattering or fluorescence. Hydrodynamic diameters are calculated based on the described Brownian motion and the particles Stokes-Einstein equation.

  • 488 nm (blue) laser
  • Temperature sensor
  • Particles sizes between 40 nm and 1 µm
  • Minimal sample volume is 600 µl
  • Concentration between 108 and 1010 particles/ml

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Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Department of Pharmaceutics,

Ottergemsesteenweg 460,

B-9000, Ghent


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