Starting in February

For all bachelor programmes at the faculty of Arts and Philosophy, it is possible to start in the second semester.

Are you a late decider or did you make the wrong study choice? Do you think, after the first exam results, that another study programme would suit you better after all? Then it may be a good idea not to wait until the start of a new academic year, but to start a (different) programme in the second semester. This way, you will discover early (earlier) whether the programme is a good choice and you can still recover part of your learning account if you reorient in time. 


Contact the learning track counsellor of your future study programme, who will look at the possibilities with you individually. We will look for a tailor-made solution!


  • Not yet a Ghent University student? More information about enrolling at Ghent University.
  • Already a Ghent University student? Via Oasis you can do complete your own enrolment. Be sure to follow the instructions of your learning track counsellor.

Enrolment is still possible until 28 February. From 1 March onwards, registration is no longer possible. Bear in mind that the second semester starts on 14 February, so it is best to complete all paperwork by then.

Tuition fee

If you only start in the second semester and therefore automatically take up a smaller curriculum, your tuition fee will be adjusted according to the number of ECTS credits you take up. If you reorient within the Ghent University Association (Ghent University, University College Ghent, Artevelde and Howest), you do not have to pay the flat rate again. In that case, make sure you get a reorientation certificate from the institution where you stop your studies.