Internship at mict

Internship at MICT

Master students have the opportunity to do an internship at MICT. As an intern, you will be responsible for your own tasks. Nevertheless, functioning in a team will guarantee a steep learning curve due to a constant information exchange. You will get in touch with traditional scientific research methods but also with applied project research in collaboration with the industry. During your internship at MICT, you can fully utilize and develop the competences and skills you obtained during your educational master program.

Experience with and a broad interest in researching new media and ICT developments in general and the below-mentioned research domains specifically, is a benefit. Methodological expertise, both quantitative and qualitative, is recommended.

Selection of tasks:

  • Writing research dossiers
  • Collaborate on diverse research projects, both quantitative and qualitative
    Domains: user-centric research, internet studies, ‘green ICT’
  • Organizing events
  • General tasks
  • Writing scientific papers/articles
  • Experimental research in our game lab
  • Survey research and data processing
  • Ethnographic field research

Internship at MICT - examples

1. EMSOC-project

This project is a collaboration between Vrije Universiteit Brussel, KU Leuven and Ghent University. It is financed by the IWT-SBO program. EMSOC (User empowerment in a social media culture) conducts research in various aspects of social media.

In 2013-2014, MICT is responsible for setting up a survey: a representative sample of the Flemish population will be examined on social media use, social media literacy, privacy literacy etc.

The intern will support this project in different phases.

More info about this project.

2. Apestaartjaren

This project is a collaboration between Mediaraven, LINC vzw and MICT. Apestaartjaren researches how young people integrate new mediatechnologies into their daily lives. Every edition of this annual project has a specific theme. The edition of 2014 focuses on the relation between the use of new media and the societal engagement of youngsters.

Within this project, MICT sets up and carries out a multi-methodical research into the possession and use of new media with Flemish young adults (12 to 18 years old). A quantitative survey and qualitative methods will be applied.

The intern will have a supportive function during different phases of the project.

More info about this project.


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