Decolonizing the University

(24-06-2022) In these episodes of the podcast “Decolonizing the University”, Fien Pauwels talks to Dr. Sibo Rugwiza Kanobana, Prof. Dr. Sami Zemni and Prof. Dr. Jan Orbie on their views on the decolonization of the university’s workforce.

They were asked to give insights on the necessity of diversity within Ghent University and how this can be achieved through a decolonized workforce. We discuss the lack of diversity within universities and which effects this might have on the students and society. In addition, we talked more about the tools currently at hand to try and decolonize the university’s workforce. Lastly, the perverse effects of some of these tools were explored.

In the first part, we interview Dr. Sibo Rugwiza Kanobana, a lecturer in sociolinguistics and postcolonial studies at Ghent University and the Open University of the Netherlands. He reflects on his own experiences and the theory behind diversity and the decolonization of the hiring process.

In the second part, two professors at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences reflect on their own positionality within the hiring process and inferences on diversity. Prof. Dr. Jan Orbie is Associate Professor at the Department of 'Political Science' at the research group of "Ghent Institute for International and European Studies" (GIIS), at Ghent University. Prof. Dr. Sami Zemni is Professor at the Department of 'Conflict and Development Studies' where he coordinates The Middle East and North Africa Research Group (MENARG), at Ghent University.

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