Prof. Dr. Sarah Delputte

Sarah Delputte

Sarah Delputte is on leave until the end of the academic year. During her absence, she is being replaced by Dr. Petra Debusscher.

Sarah Delputte is Assistant Professor at the Ghent Institute for International and European Studies (GIES) at the Department of Political Science and a lecturer in the Master EU Studies and the Master Global Studies. She holds a PhD in EU Studies and Development Studies from Ghent University and the University of Antwerp respectively. Her research interest concerns the EU’s relations with the so-called ‘Global South’. In particular she focuses on the EU’s ‘development’ policy and the interlinkages with other policy areas, including trade, migration, climate change and fisheries, as well as the EU’s interregional relations with Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP). She also supervises PhD projects relating to these topics. In addition, Sarah is a member of the Board of the Africa Platform of Ghent University Association and professorial fellow at UNU-CRIS. She is also co-convener of the EADI Working Group on “The European Union as a Development Actor”.

Research interests

EU relations with the 'Global South’, European (and international) ‘development’ policies; critical perspectives on ‘development’ (post-development); interlinkages between ‘development’ policy and trade, migration, climate change and fisheries; EU-Africa relations


  • The European Union's International Development Policy
  • Excursions: The EU in real life
  • Seminar in Political Science
  • Master's Dissertation Seminar EU Studies

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