Lecture recordings

The pilot phase of Panopto for lecture recordings has started in January 2023 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

You will find the lecture recordings in your Ufora course via:

  • Other tools > Panopto
  • the module "Content" if your lecturer uses learning paths

Live streaming

There is currently no "Livestream calendar" as for Opencast, but a feature request for this is ongoing with Panopto.

You will find the livestream:

  • In the Panopto folder of the Ufora course at the time the livestream starts (Other tools > Panopto) = preference
  • In the link communicated by the lecturer via e.g. an announcement.

Playing videos

Via the player embedded in Ufora, you can access:

  • the table of contents, subtitles, ... via the roof-shaped icon (1)
  • the larger view in the Panopto platform via the slanted arrow (2)

Panopto-player-embedded.png => Panopto-player-cloud.png

See for the options when playing a video

Video assignments

  • Manual for students (coming)

Technical tips

  • The lecturer decides and communicates whether a lecture will be:
    • made available as recording/livestream (not, for all or part of the students).
    • made available as a download.
    • provided with the possibility of automatic subtitles, automatic chapters, discussions, personal notes, bookmarks, ...
  • Panopto:
    • processes the lecture recording to a streaming video as soon as the recording is stopped. It may take another hour before the lecture recording becomes available within the Panopto folder of the Ufora course.
    • only offers the live stream at the time the live stream starts (under Other tools > Panopto).
  • Team Multimedia recommends that students watch the lecture recording/livestream: