UGent @ Work seminarie #7

21-04-2022 van 15:00 tot 16:30
MS Teams

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15.00h–15.25h Presentation Philippe Sterkens
15.25h–15.35h Feedback Greet Van Hoye (discussant)
15.35h–15.45h Feedback other attendees

15.45h–16.10h Presentation Amy Van Looy
16.10h–16.30h Feedback other attendees

Presentation Philippe Sterkens

Title: When burnout tips the scales against you: An experimental investigation of employees’ burnout history in layoff decisions

Authors: Philippe Sterkens

Abstract: Studies have shown that workers with a history of burnout are penalised in the labour market through lower hiring and promotion probabilities. The current study contributes to this body of literature by analysing how the formerly burned-out fare in the setting of a layoff. To do so, a vignette experiment is conducted among 197 managers who rated employees varying, amongst others, in their employment history at the organisation. Hence, I find that employees who experienced burnout were more likely to be selected for a layoff than workers without an interruption in their working record, regardless of their current performance level and consistency. In addition, the effect of burnout on layoff probabilities is more pronounced among older managers and varied by the respondents’ social desirable response tendencies.

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Presentation Amy Van Looy

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